Gigs and Developments

The back end of the year is shaping up to be pretty full on.

Solo sets this week and next exploring trumpet valve rotation in a more focused way than I have in the past. See Shock of The New this Friday and iMprov #13 on Monday. Also involved in new works from Josten Myburgh and Lindsay Vickery at these gigs. Then hitting with Riley Pearce on Saturday. Further afield the Totally Huge New Music Festival is coming up at the end of the month, plenty to hear there and Myburgh’s Breaking Waves has a few sets at Noizmachin and down in Freo, stay tuned.

A few projects are developing at the moment. I’m honing my “ghost tones” in order to finish the studio version of Intra-tone, a collaboration with James Bradbury, that we premiered a few months back at TURA’s Church Series. Also working with Djuna Lee, Lenny Jacobs and Josten Myburgh on some directions for improvisation, verging on composition. Furthermore, the abstract narrative that is the next orphans release is beginning to take shape.

And, a big release from Sage Pbbbt is out on Tone List in the next month. It has been really fun working on the production side of this thing.