Solo Trumpet at Residence

Back in December I played six nights of solo trumpet as part of the Residence house concert series. Until this point I had only performed solo once and the medium had always intimidated me. The week was primarily designed to overcome this apprehension and to begin a long term exploration of this performance scenario.

With a wish to push forward in my own work through analysis of past performance all improvisations are catalogued here at the Residence Bandcamp page.

Self analysis and reflection on the series is ongoing. My influences are perhaps quite easy to hear and the sounds, textures and forms follow a well trodden path within trumpet performance. Areas for refinement, consolidation and extension are plain to hear and will inform my continued exploration.

I was very pleased to have the support of local Perth improvisers throughout the series. Each also played solo sets from which I learned a great deal. In true Perth style every evening concluded with a collective improvisation or two for those willing. A great opportunity for the meeting of musical minds. These sets can also be found at Residence.