Shows and Tours

Next week orphans jump onstage in a supreme double header with Human Contact. I’m very much looking forward to playing to an audience, having spent the last few months in rehearsal with Ben Greene and Dom Barrett. Doors at 7:30, music at 8pm, Bar 459.

Then Next weekend hitting the road with the Outcome Unknown team, lead by Eduardo Cossio. We’re giving workshops and performances in Mandurah and Bunbury. Lots of opportunity to get involved playing wise, or listening wise (and super cheap/free tickets).


Last Friday I presented a new work at SHOCKOFTHENEW, WAAPA’s postgrad and staff concert. The current trajectory of my exploration has been the sounds, layers and textures available when rotating trumpet valves. This is the first work I have composed with this concept in mind. It is still a work in progress, currently titled “State for Improvisation” which refers to the state of rotation that the trumpet valves are placed in before improvisation commences.

Check the score and audio from the performance below.


Gigs and Developments

The back end of the year is shaping up to be pretty full on.

Solo sets this week and next exploring trumpet valve rotation in a more focused way than I have in the past. See Shock of The New this Friday and iMprov #13 on Monday. Also involved in new works from Josten Myburgh and Lindsay Vickery at these gigs. Then hitting with Riley Pearce on Saturday. Further afield the Totally Huge New Music Festival is coming up at the end of the month, plenty to hear there and Myburgh’s Breaking Waves has a few sets at Noizmachin and down in Freo, stay tuned.

A few projects are developing at the moment. I’m honing my “ghost tones” in order to finish the studio version of Intra-tone, a collaboration with James Bradbury, that we premiered a few months back at TURA’s Church Series. Also working with Djuna Lee, Lenny Jacobs and Josten Myburgh on some directions for improvisation, verging on composition. Furthermore, the abstract narrative that is the next orphans release is beginning to take shape.

And, a big release from Sage Pbbbt is out on Tone List in the next month. It has been really fun working on the production side of this thing.

TL Birthday, Gigs

Tone List has turned 1! Thanks to everyone who bought a CD, caught a gig, or played a show. So far we’ve released nine works from Perth and Australian artists, with the 10th out tomorrow (see Highgate Continental at a 6pm tomorrow). Big plans for the year to come.

Gigs tonight with orphans and ßß at the Flytrap, 7:30. It’s been a while since we’ve hit together, so I’m looking forward to it. Then plenty of stuff throughout July with Tchake, James Bradbury, and all the regulars.

Recording sessions coming up for Lee/Jacobs/O’Connor and ßß and almost definitely orphans, if all the moons align.

Checkout IN/EX too, it’s a year old now, but if you’ve never heard it it’ll be so, so fresh.

Travels and Gigs

Tone List and friends recently hit the road to make music and meet people. We played three dates in Adelaide, three in Melbourne and generally had the best of times. It was refreshing to improvise with some new friends and get to know scenes outside my comfort zone.

We capture audio and video at all the sets and we’ll be rolling this out through the Tone lIst Youtube Channel over the next few weeks. Here’s one of me performing a short solo improvisation at Blue Touch, a backyard concert series curated by Gabriella Smart, Adelaide.

In other news, hitting tonight at 459 with new group ¡POCKL! !POCKL¡, supporting Mike Cooper, iMprov Series Presented by TURA New Music.

Tomorrow playing with orphans at Outcome Unknown #7, Spectrum Project Space.



Solo Trumpet at Residence

Back in December I played six nights of solo trumpet as part of the Residence house concert series. Until this point I had only performed solo once and the medium had always intimidated me. The week was primarily designed to overcome this apprehension and to begin a long term exploration of this performance scenario.

With a wish to push forward in my own work through analysis of past performance all improvisations are catalogued here at the Residence Bandcamp page.

Self analysis and reflection on the series is ongoing. My influences are perhaps quite easy to hear and the sounds, textures and forms follow a well trodden path within trumpet performance. Areas for refinement, consolidation and extension are plain to hear and will inform my continued exploration.

I was very pleased to have the support of local Perth improvisers throughout the series. Each also played solo sets from which I learned a great deal. In true Perth style every evening concluded with a collective improvisation or two for those willing. A great opportunity for the meeting of musical minds. These sets can also be found at Residence.

Audible Edge

This week Tone List, TURA and Perth’s finest experimentalist embark on Audible Edge. This four day festival of exploratory, experimental and improvised music kicks off on Thursday 19/1 and we are very excited to welcome artists from Austria, Denmark, France and Norway to create in Perth.

Tonight you can learn all about it on RTRFM 92.1’s Audible Edge Special (thanks to the Difficult Listening team for putting this together).  Many Perth artists will be interviewed and Sage Pbbbt and I are playing a tune live.

This is going to be a really cool week, get involved!

In other news, Playing tomorrow night at the Fly by Night in Fremantle with Eduardo Cossio’s Gerygone and getting around with the Riley Pearce Band. Checkout some of these gigs.

‘Tis the season…

After a great couple of weeks with Keith Tippet and many Perth friends/heavies it’s time for something a little different. Monday I’m hitting with Djuna Lee and Josten Myburgh in our new trio project for TURA’s iMprov series. Also playing that night DALZIEL/LANA/MAYNARD and Dane Yates.

Then, Tuesday through Sunday I’m playing solo sets at my house for Residence #1. I’ll be joined by different local improvisers and exploratory musicians each night. It’s fair to say, I’m looking forward to listening to everyone else as much as playing, if not more.

Of course this week is not all about me, checkout sweet gigs Scale Variable 4 and Outcome Unknown #4 for Dan-free, genre expanding music.

Music today and everyday

I’m playing tonight, down at the ol’ Swan Lounge. 6:30 start with Lee/Macpherson duo followed by eszetts and orphans. This will be a nice evening of creation.

Perth has welcomed Keith Tippet to the city and rehearsals are underway for the Mujician Mosaic, iMprov and WAYJO performance at the State Theatre Centre. I’m working with both the Mujician ensemble and iMprov which is proving very exciting and educational.

And here’s some music from Josten Myburgh’s ‘Breaking Waves’ ensemble. Though not obvious, my sound is somewhere in this interesting blend. Check it out: